Three Ways I Make Coffee in the Woods

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Three Ways I Make Coffee in the Woods

When I am camping, whether it is on a canoe trip, with my family at a campground or in the woods, I often make coffee instead of tea, my preferred hot beverage.

Watch the video to see the three methods I use.  You will see me use a few different pieces of gear, including a Trekker Kelly Kettle Aluminium 0.6L Camping Kettle and a CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone- GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filters.
I am very satisfied with the performance of each of these products, and I suggest you click on the links provided and check them out for yourself.

The Coffee Sock

Why not paper filters? 

2.25 Billion Cups Of Coffee Are Consumed Globally Every Day. Assuming That At Least 1/3 Of Those Cups Are Currently Made With Paper Filters In 8 Cup Batches, 750 Million Paper Filters Are Being Made And Discarded, Each And Every Day. 275 Billion Per Year. It Takes The Equivalent Of 1.5 Million Trees To Make That Many Filters Annually. In One Year The Volume Of Trash Created By The Filters Only (Not Accounting For The Grounds) Is Enough To Fill 128 Buildings The Size Of The Louvre To A Height Of 10 Feet. Each CoffeeSock® Filter Replaces 4- 12 Boxes Of Paper Filters Per Year, Plus Your Coffee Tastes Better.

Why organic cotton? 

Why Not French Press Or Reusable Metal Filters? 

Cotton Absorbs Some Of The Oils Released From Coffee Beans Yet Lets Acids Pass Through. The Resulting Balanced Brew Is Clear, Crisp, Rich And Robust With All The Acid Of Paper Brewed Coffee, Without The Paper Taste, And All Of The Richness Of French Press Without The Heavy Oiliness.


CoffeeSock® Filters Are Expected To Last About A Year Before Quality Of Brew Begins To Fade.

CoffeeSock® Filters Are 10-50% The Cost Of Disposable Filters Per Year, And 20% The Cost Of Quality Reusable Filters.

Cotton Is A More Efficiently Renewable Resource Than Plastic, Metal Or Paper.

Cost Per Year Comparison

CoffeeSock® Filters      $13

Cheapest Paper Filters   $20

Premium Paper Filters    $72

Chemex® Filters                $108

Able® Kone Metal Filter  $60

DIY ColdBrew© At an Average Of $0.50-0.75 Per Serving Saves Over $900 Per Year On Coffee Shop Cold Brew Coffee.

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  1. Lainey Ruiz April 22, 2018 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    Aloha Shawn,

    Any plans to make “My Self Reliance” coffee cups just like the one I see you drinking out of? I think it’s the one that says “What goes on in the cabin, stays in the cabin”? It’s a very nice cup!!! I would love to have a similar coffee cup style and shape with the “My Self Reliance” logo on it! What would really be nice is if the background on the cup were the log cabin and then the logo, similar to the front door of the log cabin. Food for thought anyway.

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