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In 1991, at the age of 21, I built an 8’x12′ log cabin on 5-1/2 acres I owned in Parry Sound District, Ontario, Canada. My intent was to live in it indefinitely, but after 3 months, I retreated back to civilization to get married, raise a family and accumulate wealth for my future retirement years. While those years have been wonderful, I missed my life of self-reliance and started the journey backwards in 2015.

Today, my wife and I live with our two teenaged daughters in central Ontario, but we have recently purchased acreage in the Almaguin Highlands, west of Algonquin Park, to fulfill my lifelong desire to build a rustic home to live in. On this property, I will build, by hand and alone, one 10’x20′ log cabin first to live in, and then several others for guests.

Please follow my journey here on myselfreliance.com, , on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and let me know your thoughts, suggestions and criticisms. If you are intrigued by what you see here, consider attending one of my upcoming workshops on the property, where I will be teaching self-reliance skills.

All the best,

Shawn James