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Algonquin Park Lakes and Rivers

Of the approximately 2,000 Algonquin Park lakes, creeks and rivers, I have listed here more than 1,000 of them.  I will continue adding to this list regularly until I have at least all of the navigable waters documented.  Where I have not only visited, but also photographed and video-taped my visit, I have created videos and trip reports with as much detail as I was able to recall.  I wish now that I carried a video camera over the last forty years, but at least I have an excuse to visit the park as often as possible over the next forty years.

Clicking on the Algonquin Park lakes or rivers name will redirect you to the most relevant page or video, usually a report or YouTube video of my own making.  Where possible, I will also provide links to videos, trip reports or any other useful information, and they can be found on the appropriate lake-specific page.

Please let me know if you have anything else to add or if you have a suitable blog post, trip report or video that I can link to.

The following Algonquin Lakes are purported to be green headwater lakes: Eustache, Nadine, Happy Isle (formerly Green Lake), Loxley, North Sylvia, Opalescent, Ralph Bice, Whiskeyjack, Whitebirch, Cradle and Hambone.

Algonquin Park Lakes

Aaron’s Lake
Abbe Lake
Acanthus Lake
Acme Lake
Acorn Lake
Adanson Lake
Addison Lake
Adelard Lake
Adrian’s Lake
Adrienne Lake
Ahmek Bay Lake
Airy Lake
Alco Lake
Alder Lake
Alfred Lake
Alice Lake
Allan Lake
Allioni Lake
Alluring Lake
Amable Du Fond River
Amikeus Lake
Ana Lake
Andrew Lake
Andy Lake
Angstrom Lake
Animoosh Lake
Apukwa Lake
Arbutus Lake
Archer Bay
Arnott Lake
Arrow Lake
Ascherson Lake
Ashe Lake
Asio Lake
Aster Pond
Atton Lake
Aura Lee Lake
Austin Lake
Axton Lake
Babington Lake
Baby Joe Lake
Bailey Lake
Bailiff Lake
Band Lake
Bandit Lake
Barlett Lake
Barlie Lake
Barnkart Lake
Barns Lake
Barred Owl Lake
Barron Lake
Barron River
Bartlett Lake
Basil Lake
Basin Lake
Bass Haunt Lake
Bat Lake
Beanpole Lake
Bear Lake
Beau Lake
Beaver Lake
Beaverly Lake
Bee Lake
Beechnut Lake
Behan Lake
Bell Lake
Bemahgut Lake
Bena Lake
Bertha Lake
Berwick Lake
Beth Lake
Bettys Lake
Big Bissett Lake
Big Bob Lake
Big Cranberry Lake
Big Crow Lake
Big George
Big Mink Bay
Big Porcupine Lake
Big Red Lake
Big Rock Lake
Big Thunder Lake
Big Trout Lake
Biggar Lake
Bijou Lake
Billings Lake
Billy Lake
Binnie Lake
Birchcliffe Creek
Birchcliffe Lake
Birchy Lake
Bird Lake
Bissett Bay
Bissett Lake
Bissette Bay
Bitter Lake
Black Lake
Black Pond
Blackbass Lake
Blackleg Lake
Blake Lake
Blanco Lake
Blimkie Lake
Blowdown Lake
Bluebill Lake
Blue Jay Lake
Blue Lake
Bluebell Lake
Bluebird lake
Bluepaint lake
Bluff Lake
Bob Lake
Bobs Bay
Bog Lake
Boggy Lake
Bonasa Lake
Bone Lake
Bonfield Lake
Bonita Lake
Bonnechere Lake
Boomerang Lake
Boon Lake
Boot Lake
Booth Lake
Bowen Pond
Bower Lake
Boyd Lake
Branch Lake
Brant lake
Brewer Lake
Briddle Lake
Brigham Lake
Brown Lake
Bruce Lake
Brule Lake
Buck Lake
Bud Lake
Bug Lake
Bukadawin Lake
Bunchberry Lake
Burdock Lake
Burnt Island Lake
Burntroot Lake
Burt Lake
Busholtz Lake
Bushwolf Lake
Busshat Lake
Butt (Ralph Bice) Lake
Butter Lake
Byers Lake
Cache Lake
Cackle Lake
Calm Lake
Calumet Lake
Cameron Lake
Camp Five Lake
Canada Jay Lake
Canisbay Lake
Canoe Lake
Canty Lake
Cap Lake
Carcajou Bay
Card Bay
Cardinalis Lake
Carl Wilson Lake
Carpenter Lake
Cascades Lake
Casey Lake
Casque Lake
Castalia Lake
Cat Lake
Catfish Lake
Cauchon Lake
Cauliflower Creek
Cauliflower Lake
Cedar Lake
Charlie Lake
Chetowalk Lake
Chewink lake
Chibiabos Lake
Chickaree  Lake
Chipmunk Lake
Christopher Lake
Cisco Lake
Cisco Bay
Clamshell Lake
Claradeer Lake
Clarke Lake
Claude Lake
Clean Lake
Cliff Lake
Clover Lake
Cloverleaf Lake
Club Lake
Clyde Creek
Clyde Lake
Clydegale Lake
Cob Lake
Cold Spring Lake
Coleman Lake
Conway Lake
Cony Lake
Coon Lake
Coot Lake
Coral-root Lake
Corbeau Lake
Cork Lake
Corkery Lake
Costello Creek
Cotton Lake
Cotton-Trail Lake
Coy Lake
Cradle Lake
Craig Lake
Cranberry Lake
Cranebill Lake
Cranjelly Lake
Crevice Lake
Crossbar Lake
Cross Corner Lake
Crosstee Lake
Crotch Lake
Crow Lake
Crow River
Crown Bay
Crown Lake
Cruiser Lake
Crystal Lake
Crystalline Lake
Cuckoo Lake
Curlew Lake
Dace Lake
Dagger Lake
Dahinda Lake
Daisy Lake
Dale Lake
Damp Lake
Dan Lake
Dana lake
David Creek
David Lake
Deadman Bay
Deermeadow Lake
Decoy Lake
Deer Bay
Deer Yard Lake
Dela Butte Lake
Delano Lake
Demarco Lake
Dendroica Lake
Depot Lake
Derek Lake
Devil Lake
Devine Lake
Dewfish Lake
Dick Lake
Dickson Lake
Dividing Lake
Dizzy Lake
Dody Lake
Doe Lake
Dog Lake
Doug lake
Doughnut Lake
Dove Lake
Drummer Lake
Duck Lake
Duckpond Lake
Duff Lake
Dumond Lake
Dunn lake
Dutton Lake
Eagle Lake
East Bear Lake
East Bruce Lake
East Galipo Lake
East Lake
East Plover
East Plover Lake
Echo Bay
Edgar Lake
Edwards Lake
Eeyore Lake
Elbow Lake
Elsie Lake
Emma Lake
Eos Lake
Erables Lake
Eric Lake
Ermine Lake
Eucalia Lake
Eugene Lake
Eustache Lake
Fairy Lake
Falcon Lake
Farm Bay
Farm Lake
Farncomb Lake
Fassett Lake
Fauqueir Lake
Fawn Lake
Faya Lake
Fen Hilly
Ferris Lake
Fin Lake
Finch Lake
Findlay Lake
Finlayson Lake
First Twin Pond
Fisher Lake
Fishgut Lake
Floating Heart Lake
Florence Lake
Flossie Lake
Flycatcher Lake
Flying Fisher Lake
Fog Lake
Folly Creek
Folly Lake
Foote Lake
Forest Bay – Galeairy Lake
Fork Lake
Founders Lake
Foys Lake
Francis Lake
Frank Lake
Fraser Lake
Frontier Lake
Frost Lake
Fry Lake
Frying Pan Lake
Furrow Lake
Gaitche Lake
Galeairy Lake
Galipo Lake
Galipo River
Gerald Lake
German Lake
Gervais Lake
Ghost Lake
Gibson Lake
Gillies Lake
Gilmour Lake
Glacier Lake
Glory Bay
Goat Lake
Godda Lake
Goodwin Lake
Gordon Lake
Gormire Lake
Gorse Lake
Gouinlock Lake
Graham Bay
Grand Lake
Grant Lake
Grape Lake
Grass Pink Lake
Grassy Bay
Green Canoe Lake
Greenbough Lake
Greenwood Lake
Grizzly Lake
Ground Hog Lake
Grove Lake
Growl Lake
Gugger Lake
Guilford Lake
Gull Lake
Gum Lake
Gumdrop Lake
Gunning Lake
Guskewau Lake
Gut Lake
Guthrie Lake
Hail Storm Lake
Hailstorm Bay
Haliburton Lake
Hambone Lake
Hammy Lake
Hanlan Lake
Happy Isle Lake
Harburn Lake
Hardtack Lake
Hardtack Lake
Hardwood Lake
Hardy Bay
Hare Lake
Harness Lake
Harness Lake
Harry Lake
Hartley Lake
Harvey Lake
Havelock Lake
Hawkins Lake
Hay Creek
Hayes Lake
He Lake
Head Creek
Head Lake
Head Turtle Lake
Headstone Lake
Hemlock Lake
Hermit Lake
Heron Lake
Hidden Lake
High Dam Pond
High Falls Lake
High Falls Pond
Hilliard Bay
Hilliard Lake
Hilly Lake
Hinterland Lake
Hobo Lake
Hogan Lake
Hogs Back
Hollow Lake
Hollow River
Holts Lake
Hood Lake
Hope Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Hotshoe Lake
Ike Pond
Inbetween Lake
Indian Pipe
Inez Lake
Ingrams Lake
Ironwood Lake
Ishkuday Lake
Islandnil Lake
J.E.H. Macdonald Lake
Jackson Lake
Jake Lake
Jay Lake
Jennings Lake
Jenny Lake
Jewel Lake
Joanie Lake
Joe Lake
Johns Lake
Johnson Lake
Johnston Lake
Jones Bay
Juan Lake
Jubilee Lake
Judy Lake
Junco Lake
Kabibonoka Lake
Kagagee Lake
Kagh Lake
Kago Lake
Kakasamic Creek
Kakasamic Lake
Kanga Lake
Kase Lake
Kaw Lake
Kawagama Lake
Kawawaymog Lake
Kawe Lake
Kaween Lake
Kearney Lake
Keegas Lake
Kelly Lake
Kennedy Lake
Kenneth Lake
Kennisis Lake
Kesco Lake
Keswil Lake
Kildeer Lake
Kilridge Lake
Kimball Lake
Kincaid Lake
Kingfisher Lake
Kinglet Lake
Kingscote Lake
Kioshkokwi Lake
Kirkwood Lake
Kitty Lake
Koko Lake
Kootchie Bay
Kootchie Lake
Kortnight Lake
Kwonishi Lake
La Muir Lake
Ladau Lake
Lady Slipper Lake
Lafortune Lake
Lagoo Lake
Lake la Muir
Lake of the Isles
Lake of Two Rivers
Lake Opeongo
Lamarck Lake
Landlock Lake
Langford Lake
Lantern Lake
Lark Lake
Larry Lake
Latisa Lake
Latour Creek
Lature Lake
Lauder Creek
Lauder Lake
Laurel Lake
Lavaque Lake
Lavieille Lake
Lawrence Lake
Lazy Lake
Leaf lake
Leatherleaf Lake
Lecky Lake
Lee Lake
Lemon Lake
Lena Lake
Length Lake
Lilly Pond lake
Linda Lake
Linear Lake
Ling Lake
Linne Lake
Linnet Lake
Lister Lake
Little Billings Lake
Little Birchy Lake
Little Branch Lake
Little Butt Lake
Little Canoe Lake
Little Cauchon Lake
Little Cedar Lake
Little Coon Lake
Little Cranberry Lake
Little Crooked Lake
Little Crow Lake
Little Dickson Lake
Little Drummer Lake
Little Galipo Lake
Little German Lake
Little Goosander Lake
Little Harburn Lake
Little Hardy Lake
Little Hay Lake
Little Island Lake
Little Joe Lake
Little Kennisis Lake
Little Lake
Little Ling Lake
Little Longer Lake
Little Louie Lake
Little Marquardt Pond
Little McCauleys
Little McCraney Lake
Little Mink Lake
Little Minnow Lake
Little Misty Lake
Little Mohawk Lake
Little Mykiss Lake
Little Nadine Lake
Little Nenemousha Lake
Little Osler Lake
Little Oxtongue River
Little Redstone Lake
Little Rock Lake
Little Tarn Lake
Little Thompson Lake
Little Trout Lake
Little Vesper Lake
Little Wabamimi Lake
Little Whatnot Lake
Little Woodcock
Littledoe Lake
Livingstone Lake
Lizz Lake
Lloyds Lake
Lobster Lake
Loft Lake
Log Canoe Lake
Lonely Lake
Lonesome Lake
Longairy Lake
Longboot Lake
Longbow Lake
Longer Lake
Longslide Lake
Longspur Lake
Loontail Creek
Lorne Creek
Lorne Lake
Lost Coin Lake
Lost Dog Lake
Lost Joe Lake
Lost Shoe Lake
Loughrin Lake
Louie Lake
Louisa Bay
Louisa Lake
Lower Hay Lake
Lower Hurdman Lake
Lower Loader Lake
Lower Merdie Lake
Lower Minnow Lake
Lower Perieau lake
Lower Pine Lake
Lower Spectacle Lake
Lower Whatnot lake
Loxley Lake
Luck Lake
Luckless Lake
Lunch Lake
Lupus Lake
Lynx Lake
Macdonald Lake
Mackenzie Lake
Mackey Bay
Macoun Lake
MacGibbon Lake
Madawaska Lake
Madawaska River
Maggie Lake
Magnetawan Lake
Magnetawan River
Maiden Lake
Major Lake
Mallard Lake
Mallic Lake
Mama Lake
Manard Lake
Manitou Lake
Manta Lake
Maple Creek
Maple Lake
Maple Leaf Lake
Maraboo Lake
March Hare Lake
Margaret Lake
Marie Lake
Marion Lake
Marmot Lake
Marquardt Pond
Marsden Lake
Marsh Lake
Marshy Lake
Mart Lake
Martin Lake
Mary Lake
Mathews Lake
Mattowacka Lake
May Lake
McCarthy Creek
McDonald Lake
McGarvey Lake
McIntosh Creek
McIntosh Lake
McIntosh Marsh
McKaskill Lake
Mckay Lake
McKenna Lake
McKittrick Lake
McLachlin Depot Lake
McManus Lake
McNevin Lake
McNorton Lake
McSourley Lake
Meach Lake
Medge Lake
Menona Lake
Merchant Lake
Merdie Lake
Merganser Lake
Mermaid Lake
Michabo Lake
Midget Lake
Mikado Lake
Milk-vetch Lake
Mill Lake
Milon Lake
Minjekawon Lake
Mink Lake
Minkey Lake
Minna Lake
Minor Lake
Minto Lake
Mire Lake
Miry Lake
Mishimokwa Lake
Miskodee Lake
Misty Forks Lake
Misty Lake
Mizzy Lake
Moccasin Lake
Mohawk Lake
Mole Lake
Moolie Lake
Moon Lake
Moor Lake
Moose Lake
Moray Lake
Mossberry Lake
Mountain Lake
Mouse Lake
Mubwayaka Lake
Mud Lake
Mudcat Lake
Mudswamp Lake
Mudville Lake
Muir Lake
Mujekeewis Lake
Mums Lake
Murray Lake
Muskrat Lake
Muslim Lake
My Kiss Lake
Myra Lake
Nadine Lake
Nadon Lake
Nahma Lake
Namakootchie Lake
Narrowbag Lake
Nearline Lake
Neil Lake
Nenemousha Creek
Nenemousha Lake
Nepawin Lake
Newt Lake
Nick Lake
Niger Lake
Night Lake
Nightfall Lake
Nipissing River
Nite Lake
Nod Lake
Noon Lake
Norman Lake
North Branch Lake
North Cuckoo Lake
North Depot Lake
North Galipo Lake
North Grace Lake
North Havelock Lake
North Lake
North Lemon Lake
North Martin Lake
North Moonbeam
North River
North River Lake
North Sylvia Lake
North Tea Lake
Norway Lake
Nosa Lake
Notagan Lake
Number One Lake
O’ Gorman Lake
Ojibway Lake
Okahan Lake
Onach Lake
Onagun Lake
One Mile Lake
Oneside Lake
Ooze Lake
Opalescent Lake
Opeongo River
Oram Lake
Osler Lake
Osprey Lake
Osseo Lake
Otherside Lake
Otter Lake
Otter Pond Lake
Otter Slide Lake
Otterpaw Lake
Otterslides Lake
Ouse Lake
Owaissa Lake
Owenee Creek
Owenee Lake
Owl Lake
Owlet Lake
Oxtounge River
Paddy Lake
Pan Lake
Panther Lake
Papukeewis Lake
Pardee Lake
Parisien Creek
Parisien Lake
Park Lake
Parlee Lake
Partridge Lake
Paser Lake
Pat Lake
Patersons Lake
Pauguk Creek
Pauguk Lake
Paul Pond
Paxton Lake
Peboan Lake
Peck Lake
Peep Lake
Pen Lake
Penaish Lake
Perch Lake
Perley Lake
Petawawa River
Petit Lake
Pewee Lake
Pezheki Lake
Phipps Lake
Picto Bay
Piglet Lake
Pinay Lake
Pinder Lake
Pine Lake
Pinetree Lake
Pishnecka Lake
Planchon Lake
Plough Lake
Plover Lake
Plumb Lake
Pog Lake
Pogonia Lake
Pole Lake
Polly Lake
Poobah Lake
Poplar Lake
Porcupine Lake
Portage Bay
Pot Lake
Potter Lake
Preacher Lake
Presto Lake
Princess Lake
Prong Lake
Proulx Lake
Provoking Lake
Pukina Lake
Punch Lake
Queer Lake
Rabbit Lake
Radiant Lake
Ragged Bay
Ragged Lake
Rainbow Creek
Rainbow Lake
Rainy Lake
Raja Lake
Ralph Bice Lake
Ramona Lake
Rana Lake
Randall Lake
Ranger Lake
Rat Lake
Ratrap Lake
Raven Lake
Ray Lake
Red Lake
Red Pine Lake
Red Pole Lake
Red Rock Lake
Red Wing Lake
Reed Lake
Remican Lake
Remona Lake
Rence Lake
Reserve Lake
Richard Lake
Rit Lake
Robin Lake
Robinson Lake
Robiscow Lake
Rock Lake
Rockaway Lake
Rockpine Lake
Rod & Gun Lake
Roger Lake
Roney Lake
Roo Lake
Rorke Lake
Rory Lake
Rose Pond Lake
Rosebary Lake
Ross Lake
Rouge Lake
Round Island Lake
Round Lake
Roundeye Lake
Roundo Lake
Rowan Lake
Ruddy Lake
Rumley Lake
Ryan Lake
Ryegrass Lake
Sahwa Lake
Sams Lake
Sand Lake
Sandbox Lake
Sandfly Lake
Sandmartin Lake
Sawyer Lake
Scorch Lake
Scott Lake
Sea Lake
Sean Lake
Second Twin Pond
Secret Lake
Seesaw Lake
Segwun Lake
Shad Lake
Shada Lake
Shadfly Lake
Shah Lake
Shall Lake
Shallnot Lake
Shangashi Lake
Shanty Lake
Shaw-Shaw Lake
She Lake
Shell-Drake Lake
Sheriff Pond
Shier Lake
Shiner Lake
Shingeris Lake
Shippagew Lake
Shirley Lake
Shoal Lake
Shrew Lake
Shrike Lake
Silerlynn Lake
Sims Lake
Sipple Lake
Siskin Lake
Sittingman lake
Skinny Lake
Skuce Lake
Skunk Lake
Sky-Lark lake
Skymount Bay Lake
Slim Lake
Slot Lake
Sludge Bay
Sly Lake
Small Lake
Smith Bay
Smith Lake
Smoke Lake
Snap Lake
Snipe Lake
Snow Lake
Songean Lake
Sonia Lake
Source Lake
South Booth Lake
South Canisbay Lake
South Galipo Lake
South Long Lake
South Moccasin lake
South Wildcat Lake
Southwind Lake
Southworth Lake
Span Lake
Spatterdock Pond
Speckled Trout Lake
Spencer Lake
Spider Lake
Spiza Lake
Splash Lake
Spoor Lake
Spot Lake
Spotter Lake
Sproule Lake
Squaw Lake
St Andrews Lake
St Peter Lake
St. Andrews Lake
St. Anthony Lake
St. Francis Lake
Stag Lake
Staple Lake
Starling Lake
Startton Lake
Stephen Lake
Steve Lake
Stevenson Lake
Stone Lake
Stove Lake
Stratton Lake
Stringer Lake
Stubby Lake
Sugarmaple Lake
Sunbeam Lake
Sundance Lake
Sundassa Lake
Sunday Creek
Sunday Lake
Sundown Lake
Sunfish Lake
Sunray Lake
Sunrise Lake
Suntan Lake
Susan Lake
Swallow Lake
Swan Lake
Sweezy Lake
Sylvia Lake
Tadpole Lake
Tallspruce Lake
Tamarack Lake
Tanamakoon Lake
Tarn Lake
Tattler Lake
Tea Lake
Teardrop Lake
Tecumseh Lake
Tepee Lake
Tern Lake
Thatcher Lake
Thistle Lake
Thomas Lake
Thompson Bay
Thompson Creek
Thompson Lake
Three Island Lake
Three Mile Lake
Thrush Lake
Tillie Lake
Tim Lake
Tim River
Timberwolf Lake
Tip up Lake
Tipper Lake
Tired Lake
Titmouse Lake
Togo Lake
Tom Thomson Lake
Tonakela Lake
Tony Lake
Torch Lake
Tower Lake
Trap Lake
Traverse Lake
Treefrog Lake
Turcotte Lake
Turners Lake
Tyne Lake
Ugh Lake
Upper Head Lake
Upper Mink Lakes
Upper Minnow Lake
Upper Perieau Lake
Upper Pine Lake
Upper Redstone Lake
Upper Spectacle Lake
Vanishing Pond
Varley Lake
Vesper Lake
Victoria Lake
Victory Lake
Vulture Lake
Wababimi Creek
Wabamimi Lake
Wabe Lake
Wabik Lake
Wagtail Lake
Warblers Lake
Warehouse Bay
Washa Lake
Wasun Lake
Waterthrush Lake
Waymuk Lake
Weasel Lake
Wee George Lake
Welcome Lake
Wendigo Lake
Wendigoes Lake
Wenona Lake
West Ermie Lake
West Frog Lake
West Galipo Lake
West Harry Lake
West Koko Pond
West Lake
West Otterpaw Lake
West Smith Lake
West Thrush Lake
Western Narrows
Westward Lake
Wet Lake
Whatnot Lake
Whiskeyjack Lake
Whisper Lake
White Birch Lake
White Fish Lake
White Lake
White Partridge Creek
White Pine Lake
White Trout Lake
Whitebark lake
Whitefish Lake
White-throat Lake
Whitney Lake
Whitson Lake
Wigwam Bay
Wildgoose Lake
William Lake
Willow Lake
Wilson Lake
Windermere Lake
Winifred Lake
Wish Lake
Wisp Lake
Wolf Howl Pond
Wolf Lake
Wonassay Lake
Woodcock Lake
Woods Lake
Wren Lake
Wright Lake
Wylie Lake
Xanlippe Lake
York River
Yorkend Lake
Zeller Lake
Zola Lake

Longbow Lake sunset

Longbow Lake sunset

Pardee Lake, Algonquin Park

Pardee Lake, Looking south from campsite

McGarvey Lake satellite photo

McGarvey Lake satellite photo

This list of Algonquin Park Lake and Rivers will continue to grow.  There are approximately 1,000 Algonquin park lakes and rivers listed here out of about 2,000 that exist within the Algonquin Park boundaries.

I will attempt to visit and document at least 500 of these Algonquin Park lakes over the next several years.