Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Welcome to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, home to Canada's iconic boreal forest wildlife, including Woodland Caribou, Moose, Black Bear, Grey Wolves, Lynx, Beaver, Lake Trout, Walleye and Pike. With over 2,000 kms of canoe routes and 1,500 campsites, yet less than 1,000 visitors each year, solitude is guaranteed. Red Lake Outfitters WOODLAND CARIBOU PROVINCIAL PARK’S PREMIER OUTFITTER. Introduce yourself to 2,000 kilometres of Canadian boreal wilderness, lakes, and rivers in the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Relax and enjoy the solitude and serene environment home to many animals like caribou, lake trout, and northern pike. Discover something new each time you [...]

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The Quinzhee – How Not to Freeze to Death: Part 1

I couldn't wait to build my own quinzhee as soon as my older sister told me how she had built one on a day excursion with the Outdoors Club at high school. Until then, I had no idea that a quinzhee was a primitive shelter, constructed by building a big pile of snow, letting it crystalize for a couple of hours, and then hollowing it out like a snow cave. Heck, I hadn’t even heard the word before then.           As soon as the snow conditions were suitable (lots and cold - not warm packing snow), [...]

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The Quinzhee – How Not to Freeze to Death: Part 5

The sun was just cresting over the cliff on the side of the valley as I stood above the hole in the ice, ready to drop my line down. I tied on a tiny lead-head jig with a twister tail. I wasn't looking for anything big - just a couple of small panfish would do, something I could roast on a stick over the fire. I dropped the jig down the hole into the icy water below, and I was confused when the line coiled on top of the water. The jig was heavy enough to pull the line taut if it was still suspended [...]

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The Quinzhee – How Not to Freeze to Death: Part 4

I was slowly freezing to death, Toby along with me.  Cuddled together, we had both stopped shivering, not because we weren't cold, but because hypothermia was advancing to the next stage.  My thoughts were confused, and it was apparent that I was losing coordination as I struggled to unzip my sleeping bag.  I had no idea what time it was, but I couldn't imagine it was much past midnight and I knew that attempting sleep at this stage was pointless, and possibly fatal. I crawled to the makeshift door and clumsily tore it down, stumbling outside into the cold dark [...]

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The Quinzhee – How Not to Freeze to Death: Part 3

The quinzhee required one more step to prepare it for occupancy for the night - glazing.  I placed two three-inch candles in the centre of the floor and lit them with a torch from the fire.  The low heat produced by the two flames was just enough to melt the snow on the inside of the roof, but not enough to transform it into water.  Instead, it re-froze as a thin layer of ice, assisted by a light pass of my hand over the surface.  A three-inch hole through the centre of the roof was enough to allow moisture and fumes [...]

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The Quinzhee – How Not to Freeze to Death: Part 2

Quinzhee Construction Locking the truck, I strapped on my snowshoes and started out across the open lake, alternating between trudging through three-foot drifts of snow and skating across open patches of bare ice. Snow and ice froze in Toby’s paws, and I stopped often to help him remove the balls of ice that he couldn’t extract with his teeth. After two hours of this, I reached my destination and was pleased with my decision to spend the night here. The Campsite The makeshift campsite was everything I remembered from my summer forays in the area. The point of land jutted [...]

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