Algonquin Park Trips

Solo Algonquin Park Canoe Trip to Burnt Island Lake

I embarked on a single night, two day, 60 kilometre canoe trip to Burnt Island Lake via Canoe Lake. I visited 17 lakes, ponds and creeks, saw dozens of loons, a mother beaver and her kit at close quarters, and witnessed a spectacular sunset and sunrise. Setting out from Canoe Lake early in the afternoon of August 14, I was a little dismayed at the number of people milling about and preparing for trips of their own. I worried that I would not find solitude on this trip - in fact, I somewhat expected not to considering the facts that it [...]

Algonquin Park Canoe Routes – Smoke – Bonnechere – Cache – Smoke Lake Loop

I recommend this route to the more adventurous, or for those seeking the road less travelled in an otherwise busy area of the park. The chain of small lakes between Cache Lake and Bonnechere Lake are not well known and it is common not see another person while portaging and paddling through them. They can be accessed easily from Cache Lake, but I prefer to add them to a loop that starts at Smoke Lake and passes through Bonnechere.   Pick up your permit at Canoe Lake and head directly across the highway to Access #6, Smoke Lake [...]

Algonquin Park Solo Canoe Trip Spring 2016 – Magnetawan Lake

This 6 day adventure would prove to be my longest, most difficult and most rewarding solo canoe trip in Algonquin Park to date.  Challenging weather, long days, beautiful scenery, great fishing and abundant wildlife were highlights of the trip. Click the link below for a pdf copy of the ebook, Algonquin Park Solo Canoe Trip Spring 2016 Magnetawan Lake Trip Report or Read it here. My Self Reliant Adventure at Magnetawan Lake in Algonquin Park Table of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction................................................................................................. 3 Chapter 2 Day 1: Magnetawan Lake to Grassy Bay........................................................ 5 Chapter 3 Day 2: Grassy Bay to Catfish Lake?............................................................. 13 [...]

Solo Canoe Trip to Little Trout Lake in Algonquin Park

After cutting my spring canoe fishing trip short by a day due to high winds and a changed route, I immediately booked another two day solo trip to Little Trout Lake in Algonquin Park for May 24th, the day after the long weekend.  The weather was variable - hot and sunny with strong winds in the afternoon on day 1 and a mix of sun and cloud and warm with scattered showers on day 2.  What was not variable were the other consistent clouds - clouds of black flies hovering around my head. But, I expected abundant bugs, and also [...]

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Algonquin Park Solo Canoe Trip Spring 2016 – Magnetawan Lake to Radiant Lake

On May 6, 2016, I set out on a 7 day solo canoe trip to Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. I planned to start at Magnetawan Lake on the west side of the park and paddle and portage all the way to Cedar Lake and Radiant Lake in the northeast side of the park, looping back down through a different set of lakes and rivers until returning to Magnetawan 7 or 8 days later. If I complete the loop, I’ll have travelled 203 kms, portaged 40 kms and visited 42 unique bodies of water. Among those water bodies are [...]

Algonquin Day Trip – Photographing Nature at it’s Finest

Yesterday, D and I set out for a photographic safari day trip to Algonquin Park with six ambitious goals - photograph a spectacular sunrise, breath-taking sunset, animals such Red Fox, Pine Marten and songbirds, and hopefully catch a glimpse of a moose.   And we almost pulled it off! Leaving at 4:00 am Sunday morning, we arrived at Lake of Two Rivers shortly before sunrise - just in time to snowshoe down to the beach and set up our cameras.  Throughout the drive up, I was concerned that we wouldn't see the sun as the sky was mostly cloud covered [...]

Cache Lake, Algonquin Park Solo Canoe Trip

Three days of solo canoeing - twenty-four lakes and rivers, autumn landscapes, wildlife and Giardia, starting at historic Cache Lake, Algonquin Park. On September 26th, the same date as my 2014 solo canoe trip to Longbow Lake, I departed home at 5:00 am, arriving at Canoe Lake shortly after 7:00 in anticipation of an 8:00 am opening. As is custom, my trip up to the park included a stop at Tim Horton's where I got a tea and breakfast sandwich in Orillia followed by another stop for coffee and a 10 pack of Timbits in Huntsville.  I needed a lot of fuel for this ambitious [...]

Algonquin Park Solo Canoe Trip May 2015

Solo Canoe Trip Algonquin Park:  Tim River – Tim Lake - Rosebary Lake - Latour Creek - Loontail Creek - Nipissing River – Remona Lake - Whiskey Jack Lake - Robinson Lake - Burntroot Lake – Longer Lake - Tim River - Longbow Lake The remoteness and interesting topography of the Tim River area of Algonquin Provincial Park was just what I needed at the end of a long, cold and snowy winter. Seeking solitude, the potential for rich interactions with abundant aquatic and terrestrial wildlife and challenging terrain to incentivize me to improve my physical condition, my research pointed [...]