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Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Welcome to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, home to Canada's iconic boreal forest wildlife, including Woodland Caribou, Moose, Black Bear, Grey Wolves, Lynx, Beaver, Lake Trout, Walleye and Pike. With over 2,000 kms of canoe routes and 1,500 campsites, yet less than 1,000 visitors each year, solitude is guaranteed. Red Lake Outfitters WOODLAND CARIBOU PROVINCIAL PARK’S PREMIER OUTFITTER. Introduce yourself to 2,000 kilometres of Canadian boreal wilderness, lakes, and rivers in the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Relax and enjoy the solitude and serene environment home to many animals like caribou, lake trout, and northern pike. Discover something new each time you [...]

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Meet Cali, Our Adventure Dog Golden Retriever Pup

Meet our new adventurer ~ Cali She was born on December 21, 2016. She will be our family dog at home, and in the field, she will accompany my wife and/or me on fishing, hiking and camping trips, and she will be my bird hunting dog. Choosing a name is never an easy process and with three women in our household, I'm used to being outnumbered in votes. Here's how we agreed on the name Cali; Me: In Greek mythology Cali was an Arcadian who transformed into a she-bear, then into the Great Bear constellation. My teenagers daughters: it's short [...]

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Dog Sledding: The 2017 IFSS Sleddog World Championship at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve

We pull into the parking lot of the Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve and turn off the car, the silence within magnified by the light snow that quickly accumulates on our windshield. Quietly, we put on heavy layers of winter clothing, grab our cameras from the back seat and open the doors simultaneously. A wave of sounds, sights and smells envelope us like a dense fog, and we are immediately transported into another world where snow and ice paint the landscape white and sled dogs and hardy adventurers rule the land. Snow crunches below our field, almost imperceptible above [...]

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The Quinzhee – How Not to Freeze to Death: Part 1

I couldn't wait to build my own quinzhee as soon as my older sister told me how she had built one on a day excursion with the Outdoors Club at high school. Until then, I had no idea that a quinzhee was a primitive shelter, constructed by building a big pile of snow, letting it crystalize for a couple of hours, and then hollowing it out like a snow cave. Heck, I hadn’t even heard the word before then.           As soon as the snow conditions were suitable (lots and cold - not warm packing snow), [...]

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Canoe and Kayak Magazine – 5 Favorite Lakes in Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park straddles the transition zone between the northern boreal forest and the southern deciduous forest, making for a very unique and diversified landscape. It’s home to over 750 miles of rivers and more than 1500 lakes spread out across 2,955 square miles of the Canadian Shield- seeing every water body in the park would take a lifetime. If you don’t have a lifetime to spend in the park, consider visiting these ones first. As with many things in life, you may find that while the lakes are worthy destinations on their own, the journey into them can be the highlight [...]

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Nipissing River, Algonquin Park

The Nipissing River is located in the north end of the park, flowing almost 100 kilometres from the headwaters just outside the west border of the park, northeast of Kearney, to Cedar Lake.  It's a drop and pool river, meandering slowly through a varied landscape, dropping down a series of waterfalls and dams throughout its length. The headwater section, typically accessed from Big Bob Lake, is slow, shallow and often overgrown with alders, making travel in some sections particularly difficult late in the paddling season.  Below Grass Lake, the river continues to meander, but it's deeper and the [...]

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Solo Algonquin Park Canoe Trip to Burnt Island Lake

I embarked on a single night, two day, 60 kilometre canoe trip to Burnt Island Lake via Canoe Lake. I visited 17 lakes, ponds and creeks, saw dozens of loons, a mother beaver and her kit at close quarters, and witnessed a spectacular sunset and sunrise. Setting out from Canoe Lake early in the afternoon of August 14, I was a little dismayed at the number of people milling about and preparing for trips of their own. I worried that I would not find solitude on this trip - in fact, I somewhat expected not to considering the facts that it [...]

Ontario Travel and Special Events: First Light at Sainte Marie Among the Hurons

Sainte Marie Among the Hurons in Midland, Ontario Canada is a great place to visit any time of year, but December's First Light festival is extra special. This restoration of this 17th century Jesuit missionary, originally a cooperative community of early French Pioneers, explorers, missionairies and Huron Wendat natives, showcases dwellings, canoes, weapons and daily living conditions of early Canadians and their aboriginal hosts. It really is the ultimate bushcraft community, and during the First Light celebration, it is the ultimate buchcraft Christmas. Now in its 17th year, Sainte-Marie’s “First Light” is a must-see event with a great [...]

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