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No Permit Required! Where to Build Your Tiny Home

No Permit Required: Where to Build a Tiny Home Why are people so attracted to the image of the cabin in the woods? Is it an innate, powerful draw back to nature and natural materials or is the log cabin a symbol of the simple life, a life free from modern stresses - noise pollution, over-population, crushing debt and information overload? For me, it’s the thought of working for decades at a job that does make me happy, disconnected from nature, surrounded by concrete, buildings and too many people, and dependent on an employer, the government, the system and powerful [...]

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Wild Game Meat for Self Reliance

Your self reliance is substantially measured by your ability to source healthy, readily available and economical food that has little or minimal impact on the environment and, ideally, does not consume a lot of your time and energy to acquire.  Wild-crafted foods can be an ideal method to accomplish this, with the not-insignificant benefit of the reconnection and participation in nature and it’s natural cycles.  Maintaining this connection is critical, in my opinion, to mitigate the effects of nature deficit disorder, and to remind us that our independence is actually critically tied to our dependence on nature in all of [...]

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My Favorite Sunsets of 2016

  One of my favorite things about camping is that it allows me to be in beautiful places during the golden hours before and after dusk and dawn.  Not only is this the best time to capture photographs of the outdoors, fish and animals are also at their most active. Here are some of my favourite sunset photographs and videos from 2016.  

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The American Eel in Algonquin Park?

I was 99% certain that I just saw two American Eels in Booth Lake, Algonquin Park on August 29, 2016. At first, I wasn't sure what I was seeing- the size and form of the creatures I was watching in the shallows adjacent to my campsite just did not register. I have been fishing in Ontario for more that 40 years, and I have never seen an eel in person - until now. It happened while out photographing the night sky from a rocky point at the north end of my campsite on Booth Lake.  Earlier that evening, I had tossed [...]

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13 Tips for Self Reliant Living in the Suburbs

Who hasn’t dreamed of quitting work, moving to the country or wilderness and running away to a perceived life of simplicity? One only has to watch the mass exodus out of the cities every Friday in the summer to understand how strong the draw back to nature and simple living is. In 1975, the movie “Wilderness Family” was released, and even though I was only five years old when the first of the trilogy hit the theatres, I vividly remember watching it in our small town movie theatre and falling in love with the idea of living in a cabin [...]

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Bird Photography

Bird photography has become a bit of an obsession for my wife and I over the past several months.  So far this spring we have photographed countless songbirds, waterfowl, including loons, hawks, owls and more. We both invested in camera gear well suited for this exciting hobby - a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 80D.  In addition to good kit lenses, we bought two telephoto lenses that can be interchanged between the two cameras - a Canon 100-400 USM with a 1.4 teleconverter and a Sigma 150-600 Contemporary. Here are some of our pictures taken recently.  In the [...]

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10 Essentials For Living a Long, Healthy Life

Around the world, there are pockets of humanity that defy ageing like no others, and they seem to have the formula to a long, healthy life.  Communities like Okinawa, Japan and Ikaria, Greece have been studied for decades, and the facts point to food, exercise and social relationships as the true fountain of youth. Here are the top 10 essential components of a long, healthy life; Active lifestyle – Scientists see one common thread in all communities where people live exceptionally long: being active. People in these communities are up and about. Climbing over hills and walking long distances is part of [...]

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Tree Crops – A Permanent Agriculture – Free eBook

One of the keystones of self reliance is food self sufficiency, and the Book, Tree Crops, an invaluable resource that should be in every homesteaders library.  We're offering a digital version here for free so you can have it at your fingertips and available to read on any electronic device any time. “This was one of the classic texts on conservation agriculture that was a big influence on permaculture. Some people actually say that Permaculture One was really primarily a restatement of this classic.”  – David Holmgren, co-originator of the permaculture concept, environmental designer, author & futurist. In the book you'll learn about: 4 "stock-food" trees, [...]

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