Winter Activities

///Winter Activities

Homemade Tipi for Winter Camping, by Guest Blogger Camper Christina

Tipi Renovations – Function and Flair! In December, I took the tipi to Mew Lake camping in the non hydro loop and realized I still needed to make a few revisions. Well one main one, for sure. I had a big issue with the snow sticking to the bottom of the canvas where the tipi met the ground. The snow that stuck to the main area, wasn't a huge problem, but the large ice chunks and snow chunks were. They would freeze themselves into the fabric somehow at the bottom and I couldn't get them off until getting [...]

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My Solo Winter Camping Gear

Like most crazy winter campers, I'm always seeking ways to improve my winter camping gear.  This year, I purchased a few items to make my winter camping trips not only more enjoyable, but safer.  Camping in temperatures that fall far below freezing is much more challenging than fair weather camping, and it can be life-threatening to go out with sub-standard gear, particularly when adventuring solo.  To test my winter camping gear before setting out on a more extreme trip, I went snowshoeing and camping in Muskoka over the past two days. Here is the first video from that trip, showcasing the [...]

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The Quinzhee – How Not to Freeze to Death: Part 1

I couldn't wait to build my own quinzhee as soon as my older sister told me how she had built one on a day excursion with the Outdoors Club at high school. Until then, I had no idea that a quinzhee was a primitive shelter, constructed by building a big pile of snow, letting it crystalize for a couple of hours, and then hollowing it out like a snow cave. Heck, I hadn’t even heard the word before then.           As soon as the snow conditions were suitable (lots and cold - not warm packing snow), [...]

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Algonquin Day Trip – Photographing Nature at it’s Finest

Yesterday, D and I set out for a photographic safari day trip to Algonquin Park with six ambitious goals - photograph a spectacular sunrise, breath-taking sunset, animals such Red Fox, Pine Marten and songbirds, and hopefully catch a glimpse of a moose.   And we almost pulled it off! Leaving at 4:00 am Sunday morning, we arrived at Lake of Two Rivers shortly before sunrise - just in time to snowshoe down to the beach and set up our cameras.  Throughout the drive up, I was concerned that we wouldn't see the sun as the sky was mostly cloud covered [...]

Silver Peak Winter Ascent – Killarney Provincial park

On February 27, 2016, five wannabe adventurers, including myself, set out to hike to the highest point in the LaCloche Mountains - Silver Peak.  I use the verb, "hike" rather than "climb", as Ontario, Canada is not exactly known for it's mountain ranges and challenging climbs and Killarney Provincial Park is no exception.  However, by our weekend-warrior standards, it's as good as it gets, and the scenery truly is spectacular despite it's relatively easy difficulty and accessibility rating.  This was my first time winter camping in Killarney, and my first winter ascent of Silver Peak, so I was really looking forward to it. [...]

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Winter Backpacking the Western Uplands Trail to Ramona Lake

For two days last week, I took some time alone to backpack from the trailhead of the Western Uplands Backpacking Trail at the Oxtongue River Picnic Ground to Ramona Lake and back.  The hike north from the parking lot was made easier by a party of hot tent winter campers that broke trail to Guskewau Lake, but soft deep powder beyond that point to Ramona Lake required the use of snowshoes.  The temperature was -24C when I set out and dropped to -29C that night, but it proved to be a comfortable temperature for hiking and for sleeping in my -30C [...]

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Track and Tower Trail, Algonquin Park

The Track and Tower Trail at km 25.0 on Highway 60 in Algonquin Provincial Park, is one of our favourite hiking trails in the park.  It passes through a variety of interesting landscapes, including beaver ponds, lakes, and old burn zone, Eastern Hemlock and Cedar groves, a historic train railway bed with evidence of trestles visible and a nice lookout where an old fire tower used to stand. When we snowshoed this trail in January 2015, there was over 90 cm of snow in the bush and we were forced to break trail the entire Lunch on Grant Lake January [...]

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Bat Lake Trail, Algonquin Park

Bat Lake Trail is located at kilometre 30.0 on Highway 60 in Algonquin Provincial Park. Bat Lake is a 5.6 km loop trail that introduces you to basic Algonquin Park ecology while visiting a beautiful hemlock stand, a fine lookout, and acidic Bat Lake. Bat Lake Trail - Jeff's Map On the day we visited in early February, there was under 30 cm of snow on the ground.  The previous day was warm and rainy, so there was a thin crust of ice on the snow and fantastic cascades of ice clung to the cliffs on either side [...]

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