Homemade Tipi for Winter Camping, by Guest Blogger Camper Christina

Tipi Renovations – Function and Flair! https://youtu.be/UhnsVD3YVT4 In December, I took the tipi to Mew Lake camping in the non hydro loop and realized I still needed to make a few revisions. Well one main one, for sure. I had a big issue with the snow sticking to the bottom of the canvas where the tipi met the ground. The snow that stuck to the main area, wasn't a huge problem, but the large ice chunks and snow chunks were. They would freeze themselves into the fabric somehow at the bottom and I couldn't get them off until getting [...]

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If I Could Own Just One Watercraft…

If I could own just one watercraft for the next 20 years, what would it be? Now that I’m in my mid 40s, I have several decades of boating experience to look back on, and there’s a clear winner in my mind.  While I would be okay with owning just one boat, it’s only because renting a purpose-specific boat for a day, weekend or week is affordable and widely available.   Since my first homemade raft at 6 years old, I’ve possessed several canoes, 3 kayaks, 2 car-topper fishing boats, 2 aluminum bass boats, a 10’ inflatable and a 35’ [...]

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Book Review: The Call of the Mild, by Lily Raff McCaulou

My wife is not a hunter, and in fact, when we first met, I would classify her as an anti-hunter.  Her view on hunting was based on ignorance, and I was very quickly able to convince her that hunters are not a group of slobs who shoot everything that moves.  Since then, she has enjoyed thousands of wild game meals with me, and has even accompanied me on short hunting trips for small game. When "Call of the Mild: Learning to Hunt My Own Dinner" came out, we were in the midst of buckling down to become truly self reliant, and [...]

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