My Solo Winter Camping Gear

Like most crazy winter campers, I'm always seeking ways to improve my winter camping gear.  This year, I purchased a few items to make my winter camping trips not only more enjoyable, but safer.  Camping in temperatures that fall far below freezing is much more challenging than fair weather camping, and it can be life-threatening to go out with sub-standard gear, particularly when adventuring solo.  To test my winter camping gear before setting out on a more extreme trip, I went snowshoeing and camping in Muskoka over the past two days. Here is the first video from that trip, showcasing the [...]

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Three Ways I Make Coffee in the Woods

When I am camping, whether it is on a canoe trip, with my family at a campground or in the woods, I often make coffee instead of tea, my preferred hot beverage. Watch the video to see the three methods I use.  You will see me use a few different pieces of gear, including a Trekker Kelly Kettle Aluminium 0.6L Camping Kettle and a CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone- GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filters. I am very satisfied with the performance of each of these products, and I suggest you click on the links provided and check them out for yourself. [...]

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The 4 Key Pieces of My Camping Sleep System

The outdoor sleep system that I use today is the result of thirty-five years of trial and error and I wish I’d thought of it earlier. It suits my style of outdoor activity perfectly and can be modified infinitely to accommodate many unique activities, environments and weather conditions. I’ve used many systems and each one has suited the time and place, from a simple blanket as a cover and a cheap tarp as a groundsheet to a variety of sleeping bags, mattresses and tents. Each had it’s time and place, but the sleep system I use now is the best [...]

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2 Long Weekend Canoe Routes on The French River

The French River To call your self a kayak or canoe tripper in Ontario, Canada, The French River is an essential rite of passage. The French, the country’s first designated Canadian Heritage River, played an critical role in the formation of Canada a few centuries ago and today it remains just as important as it shapes the lives of a new generation of outdoorsmen and women. The French River Provincial Park officially includes 130 kilometers of official canoe routes, and there are hundreds of kilometers of additional connected water to explore. It’s very scenic, with iconic towering white pines and [...]

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The Mighty French River, Ontario Canada

After a thirty year absence, I finally returned to the 18 Mile Island section of the French River in Ontario for a solo, three-day circumnavigation.  By planning my trip for mid-week (Tuesday to Thursday) in mid June, I almost had the entire river to myself, and it was glorious.  Departing the docks at Loon's Landing on Dry Pine Bay near Highway 69 on Thursday morning, the anticipation was high. I wanted to revisit rapids and campsites that I had first seen with three buddies on a June trip back in 1987, and I wanted to re-experience the great fishing that [...]

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OSA Lake, Killarney Provincial Park

On June 9, 2016, I did a short, one-night solo canoe trip to OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park, despite the possibility that black flies and mosquitoes may be at their peak.  OSA Lake is very popular due to it's beauty and easy access, so it's almost impossible to reserve one it's 5 campsites during peak camping season starting at the end of the month.  This time, however, I had the entire lake to myself and did not see another person on OSA or Killarney Lakes during the two days I was out there. The entry point for the trip to [...]

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Choosing a Tarp for Light-weight Solo Camping

Solo camping, whether it's car camping, backpacking, canoeing or snowshoeing, is made easier with light-weight, small gear, and a good tarp is no exception. A tarp can be used as a primary sleeping shelter, a shelter for temporary relief from inclement weather, a makeshift protected kitchen around the campfire, a weather-proof cover for your gear or even an emergency bivy to wrap up in to keep warm.  Whatever I use it for on my trips, I always appreciate having a tarp in my pack for any of the above situations.  However, because it's  not an absolute critical piece of gear, I don't [...]

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Silver Peak Winter Ascent – Killarney Provincial park

On February 27, 2016, five wannabe adventurers, including myself, set out to hike to the highest point in the LaCloche Mountains - Silver Peak.  I use the verb, "hike" rather than "climb", as Ontario, Canada is not exactly known for it's mountain ranges and challenging climbs and Killarney Provincial Park is no exception.  However, by our weekend-warrior standards, it's as good as it gets, and the scenery truly is spectacular despite it's relatively easy difficulty and accessibility rating.  This was my first time winter camping in Killarney, and my first winter ascent of Silver Peak, so I was really looking forward to it. [...]

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