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My Solo Winter Camping Gear

Like most crazy winter campers, I'm always seeking ways to improve my winter camping gear.  This year, I purchased a few items to make my winter camping trips not only more enjoyable, but safer.  Camping in temperatures that fall far below freezing is much more challenging than fair weather camping, and it can be life-threatening to go out with sub-standard gear, particularly when adventuring solo.  To test my winter camping gear before setting out on a more extreme trip, I went snowshoeing and camping in Muskoka over the past two days. Here is the first video from that trip, showcasing the [...]

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Three Ways I Make Coffee in the Woods

When I am camping, whether it is on a canoe trip, with my family at a campground or in the woods, I often make coffee instead of tea, my preferred hot beverage. Watch the video to see the three methods I use.  You will see me use a few different pieces of gear, including a Trekker Kelly Kettle Aluminium 0.6L Camping Kettle and a CoffeeSock Drip #2 Cone- GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filters. I am very satisfied with the performance of each of these products, and I suggest you click on the links provided and check them out for yourself. [...]

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The 4 Key Pieces of My Camping Sleep System

The outdoor sleep system that I use today is the result of thirty-five years of trial and error and I wish I’d thought of it earlier. It suits my style of outdoor activity perfectly and can be modified infinitely to accommodate many unique activities, environments and weather conditions. I’ve used many systems and each one has suited the time and place, from a simple blanket as a cover and a cheap tarp as a groundsheet to a variety of sleeping bags, mattresses and tents. Each had it’s time and place, but the sleep system I use now is the best [...]

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If I Could Own Just One Watercraft…

If I could own just one watercraft for the next 20 years, what would it be? Now that I’m in my mid 40s, I have several decades of boating experience to look back on, and there’s a clear winner in my mind.  While I would be okay with owning just one boat, it’s only because renting a purpose-specific boat for a day, weekend or week is affordable and widely available.   Since my first homemade raft at 6 years old, I’ve possessed several canoes, 3 kayaks, 2 car-topper fishing boats, 2 aluminum bass boats, a 10’ inflatable and a 35’ [...]

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Solo Algonquin Park Canoe Trip to Burnt Island Lake

I embarked on a single night, two day, 60 kilometre canoe trip to Burnt Island Lake via Canoe Lake. I visited 17 lakes, ponds and creeks, saw dozens of loons, a mother beaver and her kit at close quarters, and witnessed a spectacular sunset and sunrise. Setting out from Canoe Lake early in the afternoon of August 14, I was a little dismayed at the number of people milling about and preparing for trips of their own. I worried that I would not find solitude on this trip - in fact, I somewhat expected not to considering the facts that it [...]

Algonquin Park Canoe Routes – Smoke – Bonnechere – Cache – Smoke Lake Loop

I recommend this route to the more adventurous, or for those seeking the road less travelled in an otherwise busy area of the park. The chain of small lakes between Cache Lake and Bonnechere Lake are not well known and it is common not see another person while portaging and paddling through them. They can be accessed easily from Cache Lake, but I prefer to add them to a loop that starts at Smoke Lake and passes through Bonnechere.   Pick up your permit at Canoe Lake and head directly across the highway to Access #6, Smoke Lake [...]

Why Do I Canoe Trip Solo?

It’s 6:00 am and I lie awake, staring up through the roof of my fly-less tent at a billion twinkling stars, watching them slowly fade as the eastern sky erupts in the subtle colors of a September sunrise. The haunting cry of a loon breaks the morning stillness, echoing off the rock cliffs that line the shoreline. The call is answered; not by another loon, but by a huge bull moose that grunts repeatedly as he pushes his way through the shoreline alders in search of a mate. I get up and wander down to the water’s edge, perching on [...]

Yakima SUP, Canoe and Kayak Trailer

I get lots of stares and questions about my canoe and kayak trailer everywhere I take it (even in my driveway actually). I bought it, a Yakima RackandRoll trailer, at Sojourn in Barrie, Ontario in 2015, so I've been using it over a year now and I'm very happy with it. It's not cheap - +_ $3,000 including 4 sets of cradles and posts for my 4 boats. What I like about it is the light weight and the fact that I can collapse the tongue and fit it in the short side of my garage without taking the boats [...]

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