Camera Lighting for Filming with a DSLR

///Camera Lighting for Filming with a DSLR

Camera Lighting for Filming with a DSLR

Frustrated with the poor quality of my videos filmed in my office and around camp in the dark, I finally went out and bought a proper camera-mounted light for my Canon 80D. It is too new to say how it is going to work out for me, but in a test video in my basement, it showed a slight improvement. I will check back in here in a few weeks once I have put it through the paces.

Here is the video I shot in my house showing the difference in lighting using nothing and then the light with various filter options.



  • LED Video Light
  • 198 LEDs
  • Slim and Frameless Design
  • Metal Ball Head Swivel Mount
  • Color Temperature: 5500K
  • Camera and lamp stand are NOT included
  • CRI95+ for an Natural, Pure Color:
  • Amaran AL-H198 illuminates using top of the line color rendering CRI95+ LEDs
  • The color accuracy is perfect even without PS
  • This fine color makes it easy to capture the finer details in color-critical shooting applications
  • Intense Illumination:
  • With 198 60-degree-angle LEDs in compact panel, the Amaran AL-H198 shines with an exceptionally even and stable brightness output of up to 3,430 lux
  • It’s a superior tool for shooting interviews or film especially in narrow environments where one may not have the space or time for traditional lights
  • Multi-Lighting:
  • Up to 9 panels can be affixed together to gain a larger, softer and more intense light
  • The slim and frameless design without borderline partitions means that when lights are combined, there is no leak in light
  • Solid 1/4″ Universal Hot Shoe Mount:
  • Amaran AL-H198 comes with a metal ball head swivel mount so you can position your panel to the top of a HDV, DSLR, camcorder or even traditional stand
  • Also, even with more panels attached to a single unit, the mount still works perfectly because the unit supports up to 2.7kg of weight
  • Reliable Battery Power:
  • Choose to power your Amaran with either 6 AA batteries or any replaceable lithium battery (Sony F/FM/QM)
  • Four LEDs clearly display the remaining battery life.
  • Seamlessly Adjust the Intensity & Color Temperature:
  • Amaran’s brightness wheel allows you to manually dim or intensify the power of your light
  • Specifications:
  • Operation Current: less than or equal to 2.3A
  • Power: less than or equal to 20W
  • Beam Angle: 60 degrees
  • CRI: greater than or equal to 95Ra
  • Color Temperature: 5500K
  • Power Supply: DC 5.5V-9,5V
  • Average Life Span: greater than or equal to 100000 hours
  • Cooling Mode: Natural Ventilation
  • Volume (LxWxH): 151x56x100mm
  • Net weight: 325g
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Available in Canada at Henry’s for $109.99 CAD.


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