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OSA Lake, Killarney Provincial Park

On June 9, 2016, I did a short, one-night solo canoe trip to OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park, despite the possibility that black flies and mosquitoes may be at their peak.  OSA Lake is very popular due to it's beauty and easy access, so it's almost impossible to reserve [...]

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Start Your Own Blog or Website: The Step by Step Guide

Why should you start your own personal blog and WordPress website?  There are many reasons, and I believe it's one of the foundations of self reliance in the 21st century.  Blogging is a fun way to collect your thoughts, memories and momentos to share with friends, family and the world. But [...]

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Breaking the Habit: How to Develop Good Habits for Success In All Areas of Your Life

"Discover How To Break Bad Habits Once And For All Using This Simple Step-By-Step Guide" You'll Find Out Techniques To Developing Good Habits For Success In All Areas of Your Life... When you really think about it, most of life is something we do out of habit. From the moment [...]

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The 4 Key Pieces of My Camping Sleep System

The outdoor sleep system that I use today is the result of thirty-five years of trial and error and I wish I’d thought of it earlier. It suits my style of outdoor activity perfectly and can be modified infinitely to accommodate many unique activities, environments and weather conditions. I’ve used [...]

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The Organized Millionaire Mind Online Course

One of the keys to self reliance is efficiency and organization, and this special course was designed to help you achieve that in your life, as I have in mine. Here’s what you’ll find in this eBook and accompanying video tutorials; Too Many Decisions and How To Reduce Organizing your Home [...]

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If I Could Own Just One Watercraft…

If I could own just one watercraft for the next 20 years, what would it be? Now that I’m in my mid 40s, I have several decades of boating experience to look back on, and there’s a clear winner in my mind.  While I would be okay with owning just [...]

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