Portable power pack

Portable Power Pack for Recharging While on the Trail

I always bring a portable power pack when I head out on a mid length trip, or a cold weather trip like I am this weekend, so I have a backup power source for charging my cell phone, SPOT and any other devices.  I don’t use my iPhone for making or (Continue Reading)

track and tower trail sign

Track and Tower Trail, Algonquin Park

The Track and Tower Trail at km 25.0 on Highway 60 in Algonquin Provincial Park, is one of our favourite hiking trails in the park.  It passes through a variety of interesting landscapes, including beaver ponds, lakes, and old burn zone, Eastern Hemlock and Cedar groves, a historic train railway bed (Continue Reading)

Bat Lake Trail - Ravine at the west end of the trail

Bat Lake Trail, Algonquin Park

Bat Lake Trail is located at kilometre 30.0 on Highway 60 in Algonquin Provincial Park. Bat Lake is a 5.6 km loop trail that introduces you to basic Algonquin Park ecology while visiting a beautiful hemlock stand, a fine lookout, and acidic Bat Lake. On the day we visited in (Continue Reading)

Winter Camping Gear ready to be packed up

My Solo Winter Camping Gear

Like most crazy winter campers, I’m always seeking ways to improve my winter camping gear.  This year, I purchased a few items to make my winter camping trips not only more enjoyable, but safer.  Camping in temperatures that fall far below freezing is much more challenging than fair weather camping, and (Continue Reading)

Frying Pan Bay, Honey Harbour

Paddling Honey Harbour and Beausoleil Island

I’ve been visiting Honey Harbour since 1974 when I was just four years old and my grandparents had a trailer at Picnic Island, so of course it’s one of my favourite areas to get out on the water.  Georgian Bay here is unique, transitioning from a shallow, silty water body (Continue Reading)

kayaking parry sound georgian bay

Kayaking Parry Sound Harbour – Great beach campsites on Parry Island

On August 15, D and I drove up to Parry Sound for a short day trip kayaking around Parry Island.  Not really around the island actually, as that would take at least a couple of days.  We only had a few hours, so we planned on paddling northwest along the shoreline (Continue Reading)

WhiskeyJack Lake

Whiskeyjack Lake, Algonquin Park

Description:  Whiskey Jack Lake is one of the jewels of Algonquin Provincial Park.  Located far in the interior, it is at least 11 hours from the nearest access point, Brent on Cedar Lake on the north side of the park.  It’s a green headwater lake, a spring-fed lake that is clear (Continue Reading)

Teardrop Lake looking towards O.S.A. Lake

Killarney Late Season Hot Tent Canoe Trip

Watching the weather forecast nearing the end of November, it was clear that at least one last canoe trip was possible before the lakes froze over. David Lee graciously invited me to join him for a three-day trip to Killarney Provincial Park, where we hoped to find open water and (Continue Reading)