Bruce Trail Section 22 Devil’s Glen

Devil’s Glen and Mad River Side Trail – September 6, 2014 Our first hike of the season was a strenuous traipse down the hill from the Devil’s Glen Provincial Park parking lot, looping through the hamlet of Glen Huron along the Mad River side trail and then down the ski hill and (Continue Reading)


Centennial Ridges Trail, Algonquin Park

D and I visited the park on Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 and hiked what we think is the most beautiful and challenging short trail in Algonquin. There are certainly less busy times to visit, but the fall colours are spectacular so it’s worth sharing the trail with the other tourists. Here (Continue Reading)

Long Bay, Georgian Bay, Dillon Ontario July 3, 2015

Franklin Island, Georgian Bay

The Wolf The wonderful thing about living in central Ontario is that on a few minutes’ notice, we can be loaded up and on our way to one of countless areas for fantastic hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking or canoeing destinations. Yesterday afternoon we decided to take off from work, which of (Continue Reading)


Leafy greens from the vegetable garden

With all of the weight my wife and I have consciously lost over the last five months, salads have become a mainstay in our diets, with spinach and other leafy greens dominating the plate.  Growing them indoors in the winter and outdoors in the other three seasons has become paramount (Continue Reading)

The inevitable collapse of modern civilization – In your lifetime, not your kids’

A recently released research paper funded by NASA (2014-03-18-handy1-paper-draft-safa-motesharrei-rivas-kalnay) predicts the collapse of industrial civilization in the coming decades due to natural resource depletion caused by over-population, over consumption and unequal wealth distribution. The research project is based on a ‘Human And Nature DYnamical’ (HANDY) model, led by applied mathematician (Continue Reading)

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