Day 1 Tim River access dock

Tim River Spring 2015 Solo Canoe Trip: Day 1

The remoteness and interesting topography of the Tim River area of Algonquin Provincial Park was just what I needed at the end of a long, cold and snowy winter. Seeking solitude, the potential for rich interactions with abundant aquatic and terrestrial wildlife and challenging terrain to incentivize me to improve (Continue Reading)

Self reliance, Killarney

Killarney Solo – Part 3: The Bear

My second night in Killarney was perfect – there’s nothing quite like sleeping directly under the stars, especially at the waters edge with the only sound coming from a pair of loons occasionally calling to each other at the far end of the lake. Day 3: Tuesday June 9, 2015 Lakes: Panache, Frank, (Continue Reading)

Lake Panache campsite June 9

Killarney Solo – Part 2: Deer, Cranes and Eagles

Day 2: Monday June 8, 2015 Lakes: Howry, Murray, Leech, Plunge, Little Bear, Bear, Bassoon, Panache Details: 28.1 km, 6 portages – 4565m, longest 2195m Weather: 60% chance of showers, high of 18°C, low of 13°C Wildlife: Bald eagle, several beaver, sandhill cranes, waterfowl, several whitetail deer, herons, loons, ducks As usual, I (Continue Reading)

Self reliance, Killarney

Killarney Solo Canoe Trip – North End – Part 1

Killarney Provincial Park truly is the crown Jewel of the Ontario Provincial Park system, with its clear, blue lakes, sparkling quartzite mountains, abundant wildlife, spectacular canoe routes and breath-taking hiking trails.  But I had only really seen the south end during a couple of day trips and one overnight camping (Continue Reading)

Backyard pond - birds and bullfrogs

Backyard Bird Watching and The Bullfrogs

A few years ago, bird watching in my own backyard provided me with a very unique and shocking glimpse into nature that I’ve never witnessed in the wild.  One of the immensely rewarding benefits of creating a natural ecosystem on our property is the vast array and abundance of wildlife species (Continue Reading)

Long Bay, Georgian Bay, Dillon Ontario July 3, 2015

Franklin Island, Georgian Bay

The Wolf Franklin Island on Georgian Bay is a world class destination found virtually in our backyard.  The wonderful thing about living in central Ontario is that on a few minutes’ notice, we can be loaded up and on our way to one of countless areas for fantastic hiking, snowshoeing, (Continue Reading)

White Pine lightning damage, Parry Sound

White Pine Tree Struck By Lightning

Snowshoeing around Whitestone Lake near Parry Sound last December, I discovered this White Pine that had very obviously been struck by lightning sometime over the last couple of years.                     I think this tree may be the most dramatic display of (Continue Reading)

Spelunking one of the many caves

Hiking the Kolapore Uplands – Metcalfe Crevice

Yesterday, I was richly rewarded for my spontaneous decision to hike the section of the Bruce Trail that passes through the Kolapore Uplands in Grey County, Ontario. The Bruce Trail is part of the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, and this section of the trail is spectacular.   (Continue Reading)